The History of the Creation and Development of the IPL

It’s believed that the IPL originated immediately after India’s victory in the T20 World Cup in 2007. Then it was announced that the Premier Cricket League would be created, which would displace the ICL and meet all international standards. After the ceremony, the franchise auction started, and when the amount reached 33 billion IRN, а governing council of 6 people and a chairman was appointed. The BCCI President made a speech and spoke briefly about the proposed format of the tournament, the conditions of participation, mentioning the approximate amount of prize payments. The most difficult thing was to decide how the selection for the league would be made. The selection mechanism was borrowed from foreign leagues, redesigned and improved. It was also announced that the teams that joined the ICL will receive a lifetime ban and will no longer be able to participate in the IPL. During the development process, two more franchises joined the league, PWI and KTK, and the budget became much larger than the initial one. Many of the franchises were overbought. In this article, we will talk about the birth of the UPL, about the start of the season, note the main points of the league’s popularity growth, and briefly define the prospects for the future.

The Birth of the Indian Premier League

Nowadays, the IPL is the most prestigious tournament in India, held annually in the spring months. The BCCI is the administrator, this organization oversees cricket in the country; the office of the General Directorate is located in Mumbai. The competition was held for the first time in 2008. At that time, regulations and rules were formed. The system is standard and has a triple format: first, the games are played in a circle, then the teams play in groups, then the playoff stage. The top 10 teams take part. You can watch the games on TV on the Star Sports channel, as well as on the Internet on the JioCinema channel. Bets at 1Win are accepted around the clock, you can bet on cricket by first reading the odds table. Teams can buy players at the auction, which is held every year using the “trading windows” system. The trade continues until the player and the team management come to a compromise. If the player receives a new contract, but the difference between the old and the new one is paid. This financing is provided by the franchise. There is one interesting rule: a player under the age of 19 can only be acquired by the team if he has not previously played in List A and First-Class cricket. The games are currently held in the following cities:

  • Chennai.
  • Mohali.
  • Jaipur.
  • New Delhi, etc.

The First Kick of the Ball: Launch and Organization of the Season

Each season begins with a demonstration kick on the ball. Of course, it is a great honor to open the competition, so the right to strike is given to one of the most promising players. Famous people participate in the first match: politicians, businessmen, artists. The opening ceremony is accompanied by dancing, performances, and concerts. The show is broadcast on many local and international channels. The opening match is considered the most important, because it determines the tournament situation. Tickets for the event should be purchased in advance, as they are quickly sold out.

The Key Moments of the Growth and Popularity of the IPL

If we look at the statistics, it is obvious that the popularity of the IPL is growing every year. This is due to an active advertising campaign. With the help of franchises, a lot of money is attracted, which goes to the salaries of players and to expand the capabilities of the league as a whole. More and more people come to the matches, and they are ready to pay an increased ticket price. Also, many people place bets through bookmakers to make it more interesting to cheer for their favorite team. Thanks to the IPL, Indian cricket is actively developing. Another reason for the popularity growth is to attract the best players, the favorites of the public. The Internet allows you to watch matches from any country, which popularizes the league in the world. Billions of rupees are invested in cricket competitions every year, and the organization’s budget is only increasing despite the costs. Due to the high fees, promising young players get additional motivation and new stars appear.

The Future of the IPL and World Cricket

World cricket will develop at a great pace, as the game is interesting and exciting. The main thing is to understand the rules and understand what is happening on the field. Cricket stadiums are appearing in Asian and European countries. Money is allocated from the national budget, and additional funds are raised through franchises and sponsors. Perhaps in the future, cricket distribution projects will be implemented. The game will become more accessible and simpler by changing the rules and reducing the duration of matches. Of course, amateur cricket should be distributed. This trend is already noticeable: sports stores have inventory for this game.

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